Hi! I'm Suzanne!

I'm a writer and online course creator. I help naturally ambitious women remember who they are and rediscover their dreams.

I believe...

Life's biggest trials are here to teach you, not defeat you. 

Your desires were placed in your heart for a reason. They're not random. They hold the promise of what's possible.

Emotions are sacred signs straight from your soul. They hold important messages, and if you've been repressing them, that's why you feel disconnected from your true needs and desires.

Life is full of happiness and sadness, and embracing each creates a Technicolor life roaring with color, feeling and aliveness.

Your biggest job in life is to learn how to love yourself no matter what. The more you feel peaceful inside, the more peace you'll have to give outward.

I am here to teach you how to love and trust yourself, to heal and live the life your heart wants. (If you don't know what your heart wants, that's a great place to start.)

My online courses, spiritual life coaching and weekly blogs will help you use your emotions to connect to your heart and rediscover yourself. It's my hope that you feel empowered and free from yesterday's pain, full of hope for the future and equipped with the tools to make your life amazing.

 No matter what you've been through, anything is possible. I am proof. As an early teen, I lost my father and sister. Then, at 27, I got breast cancer and lost my mind.

Cancer could have killed me, but in many ways, it gave me a new life. Today, I'm dedicated to guiding others down this same magical path of reinvention.

My own transformation started when I decided to do whatever I needed to finally feel good in my own skin. If you're here, reading this far, you're probably at that point, too.

So know that you're in the perfect place. It probably doesn't feel that way, but you're in the perfect place to change how you feel because you're finally looking inside your own heart — where all good things begin.

I don't believe in coincidences and know you are here for a reason. I am thrilled to serve you. So stick around! Read some blogs or download a meditation. I am so glad you're here!


 Learn a powerful meditation technique to connect you to your heart.

Fun Facts

spiritual mentoring meditation life coach

I love yoga, especially lazy yoga that involves mostly stretching to chill music. I love to dance, but don't do it nearly enough. I pretty much live in yoga clothes, partly because I don't leave the house enough. Hello, introvert.

I'm really shy but dreamed of being an actress or a rock star when I was younger. No pictures, please. 🙂 I love clothes — especially from Anthroplogie! — and a new outfit totally makes my day. 

I try to eat healthy, but am obsessed with ice cream. (Have you tried Ben and Jerry's S'mores? OMG.) I lived in the desert for six long years, but need the ocean as much as I need ice cream. 

In fact, this last thing — living someplace I hate — caused me a lot of inner turmoil but ended up completely changing my life. It inspired a deep spiritual journey that has made my life more meaningful and delicious than I ever could have imagined.

 Learn a powerful meditation technique to connect you to your heart.