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This is your go-to space for all the call recordings, workbooks, and other resource materials that will be added over time. You have lifetime access to this page!

At the very bottom of this page, find bonus resources and a collection of helpful links for building your blog!

Week 1 — What's Your Story?

Helpful Resource for this week:

Things You Can Write About worksheet

Week 2 — Storytelling Techniques to Touch Hearts and Transform Lives

Helpful Resource for this week:

Writing Cheat Sheet — My top tips for writing readers can't ignore!

Week 3 — Blog and Social Media Basics

A few highly vulnerable blog posts that got good engagement:

How To Heal The Mother Wound

Why People Get Stuck in Emotions

How To Transmute Sadness and Anger into Passion

Helpful Resources for this week (don't miss the lengthy list of resources at the bottom of this page).

Helpful Pinterest links:

Create a business account

Set up Rich Pins

Learn more about Pinterest:

Pinfinite Growth by Melyssa Griffin. Melyssa helped me gain 16k Pinterest followers in less than one year, and go from about 120 new subscribers each month to around 1,000, without spending a bunch of money on ads. 

This link​ leads to a free webinar that's packed with value and ends in a pitch for Melyssa's program, Pinfinite Growth. That's an affiliate link and when you purchase the program through my link, I receive a commission at no cost to you.

Week 4 — Implementation and Q&A

Week 5 — Overcoming Fear and Fast-Tracking Your Dreams

Week 6 — Making Money with Your Message!

Helpful Resources:

How to link PayPal and Mailchimp (If you want to send emails to people who buy products. This automation requires you to upgrade to the paid Mailchimp plan.)

SendOwl (Plans start at just $9 a month. Easily create products that you can link to. The service will also deliver the product for you, without setting up Mailchimp!)

How to create a Buy Now button in PayPal

Amazon Associates — Amazon's affiliate program that allows you to sell Amazon products (so just about anything) through links on your website. Must disclose if you earn money off a sale.

Learn more about mindset and business.

Money Mentality Makeover — This course from Amanda Frances changed my life! I went from $5k launches to a $23k launch after taking her course. Since then, I regularly have five figure launches, and it's all because Amanda helped me change my mind around money. 

Her course is normally open for enrollment once each year, however she's let me offer you access RIGHT NOW for being part of Soulful Storytelling. I do earn a commission when you sign up through my link, however I wouldn't promote this course if it wasn't life-changing. And it is!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind — a great book! Yes, that's an affiliate link 🙂

Attract Money Now — Free PDF! Looks super cheesy, but is a great read.

Example Sales Pages:

BONUS resource: Simple Sales Page Overview. (This isn't the only way, but just to give you a starting off point.)

Soulful Storytelling

Self-Love Supernova

Bonus! Course Review and Next Steps Workbook

This workbook will help you review your accomplishments, plan out future steps and solidify the amazing progress you've made!


10-minute Feeling Awareness Meditation

20-minute Feeling Awareness Meditation


Things You Can Write About worksheet

Writing Cheat Sheet — My top tips for writing readers can't ignore!

7-step Blog Post Check List

Blog-Building Playbook

Social Media Playbook

The Plugins That Make My Website An Audience-Building Machine

Journaling Questions For Boundaries and Self-Care

Simple Sales Page Overview


Graphic design

Canva — Free. Great for quote graphics.

Pic Monkey — Free. Photo editing and tons of font choices.

iStudio Publisher — Really affordable (around $30) page designer for Macs. Great if you're doing longer PDFs since Canva can become a pain if you're working with a lot of pages.

Creative Market — Affordable selection of fonts, graphic accoutrements and other fun stuff if you have a few hours to spare. 🙂

Royalty-free stock photos (meaning you can use them for free, without attribution).




Build your website

GoDaddy for hosting— I use them and love them. Can also register your domain through them. One-click WordPress install. 

Themeforest — Awesome, affordable themes.

Thrive Themes — This is what I use. It's a total suite of products, including theme, a drag-and-drop page builder, opt-in forms (that's where people sign up for your email list), and a slew of other products to get your website up and running!

Elegant Themes — Similar to Thrive Themes. Prettier, but just different. Check it out!

Sumo — awesome, free plugin for social sharing. They offer pop-ups too, but Google no longer likes pop-ups, so I don't recommend using them. 

Build your community

Mailchimp — Email service provider that's great for starting out. Free until 2,000 subscribers. Although the $10 a month plan is helpful if you want to send a welcome email. 

Aweber — Slightly more sophisticated than Mailchimp, but still great for starter. You can tag subscribers with labels in addition to having them on separate lists. 

ConvertKit — This is what I use. It's for bloggers, made by bloggers! Very easy to set up email courses and offer multiple incentives to build your list. Kinda pricey, but worth it. 

Build your brand

Adobe Color Palette Generator— Free app! You can upload any photo and find out the codes for a complementary array of colors.

Adobe color palettes examples for inspiration.

Color-Hex— Find the hex codes (needed for HTML) for any color! 

Make money!

SendOwl — Super affordable service to process payments and deliver your digital products. Integrates easily with Mailchimp.

Gumroad— SendOwl alternative.

Amazon Associates — Link to Amazon products and earn money each time somebody buys. Super easy to set up an account. The Feds require you to disclose that it's an affiliate link.

Calendly — Set up appointments with clients. Does time zone conversions for you, even on the free plan.

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